A toji is a sake brew-master, an artist who has the ultimate passion for his craft. Long ago, the culture of the toji was secretive and mystical. Even today the toji have a strong sense of oneness between mankind and the Earth, which is why they believe they can only brew pure sake by showing appreciate to Mother Nature.

It is with this belief that the Takashimizu toji have always given thanks three times a day: at Dawn when their work begins, at Dusk when their work comes to a close, and at Night when they give thanks for the day that has passed and look towards the day to come. The toji that produces shimizu-no-mai is Noboru Minagawa, who brings generations of experience to each bottle of shimizu-no-mai. In naming pure dawn, pure dusk, and pure night he has graced these sakes, the pinnacle of his art, with the highest show of thanks.