Junmai Ginjo

pure dawn is produced by a historic brewery in Akita, Japan that dates back to 1656. The toji (sake master-brewer) that produces pure dawn brings generations of experience to each bottle of shimizu-no-mai sake. Pure water, sourced from the point where three rivers carrying cold mountain water meet, is the foundation of this luxury sake. The final key detail is the highly milled, artisanal rice. These elements, in perfect balance, result in sake with a pure, elegant flavor and aroma.
A blend of local, artisanal rice, Akita Sake Komachi and Miyamanishiki, grown in Akita, Japan. The rice grain is milled to 55% of its original size (most other Junmai Ginjo sakes are milled to only 60% of their original size).
Hints of orange peel and light floral notes, with an underlying minerality.
Fresh and well-structured, with subtle notes of pear and Fuji apple.
Creamy, finishes soft-sweet to dry.
Sake Meter Value (SMV):

720 ml and 300 ml sizes available